A crown of thorns


This picture was shot by ReflexStudio (@reflexstudio) in 2013, after a very hard time and huge loss in my life, and it goes among my dearest favorites.

Also, this is much how I see myself. I walk around with a crown of thorns, but I still am tenacious. I will always stand up on my feet again if I fall, and it’s how I grow stronger each time.

That day was very emotional for me. Spending the day with couple people that really loved photography and allowed me to be part of their “crown of thorns” project. I remember getting deeply touched when, during the set, they explained me what all this was for them.

Photography is art on so many levels. I consider myself lucky and happy to have worked with so many talented people during my life.

Each one of them is in my heart… And in the pictures :)

Cthulhu cameo by Crinoline and Monsters 💘