Here is a post about my small role in Bear‘s video, which happened the last time I traveled to Italy past October (scroll down for the video).

What is Bear? It’s a beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose. It has been selected and displayed as Editor’s choice in the App Store during its launch and recently awarded as the “App of The Year 2016” by the Apple Store itself (congratulations!!!).

Bear Notes App


I am very honored to have been asked to be part of this video. I know how much love and care are behind something like Bear: pixel perfect craft and delicious design.


The video was much fun. I loved to watch at everyone involved performing their role. The whole recording process has been smooth and funny, we spent most of the time laughing a lot. I took a thousand of backstage pictures and enjoyed the day just like it was a party. Well, now that I think of it… that WAS a party! It even involved food at some point of the day :D

And here you can see a nice backstage picture of the first part of the video. Everyone is working hard, even under the rain!

Important Note: I am not part of the team who created Bear, nor involved in its development. For any request or information, please check their FAQ  page and/or contact them directly :)