Decade Throwback

While digging into tons of old data, I stumbled upon couple of old images, dated 2004, by Belgian photographer Raymond Janssen. This was one of my first “pro” shoots, with a proper studio, lights, other models, etc.

Before, I only had funny and amateur outdoor/location experiences, mostly with friends of mine (or friends of friends, to whom I am very grateful, because they are part of my development and memories).

I never post these pictures on socials because there is some nudity. Even tho you can’t really see anything, these rules on a social network completely make sense and I do not complain. I have a website on purpose.

So here they are :)


I did the makeup to the other two models, I wore vampire teeth and was covered in fake blood at some point. I still remember the stains. Not fun when you have to get your train back home.

At that time, it was not super easy to find someone willing to portray such imagery. But these couple pictures worked out pretty well, uhu? :)