Domani inventerò

“Domani inventerò” is the Italian title of one of my favorite books. When I feel sad I look at these inspiring pages and I find my way through poetry and fairytale images.

I sit down and open the book. The images are beautiful and kinda peaceful, the words are soothing. It’s a little journey made of rising motivation, and a bit of laziness. Yet tomorrow, tomorrow I will do something great.

I lose myself into a small, colorful world together with the main character, a bear 🐻.

The book is made by Agnès de Lestrade (words) and Valeria Docampo (illustrations). In Italy, the book is by Terre di Mezzo Editore.

When I got this book I was still living in Milano. I got it in one of the best bookshops ever. A small, cozy place with one of the best selections I’ve ever seen. You can also drink wine, and from time to time they host events. The place is called Nuvole in Cantina and I warmly advise you to go there, at least once. I still have their magnet on my fridge here in Amsterdam.

Ah. The imagination is such a great gift :)