How to learn touchtyping

When I first learnt about typing, I was in high school. We used a specific DOS application, covered our monitors, covered our keyboards (with a sophisticated “tape and A4-sized papers” combo) and our class was, at least at the beginning, all about copying stuff and learning how to touchtype.

We also underwent various tests and got grades for this. Those were called “labs” and while they might sound dull or easy, well, do not take it for granted. Speed and precision were necessary in order to get a decent grade, along with all the rest of the stuff we had to learn.

There are a number of ways you can get accustomed with touchtyping. Most of the times, the first steps are about repetitive exercises so you learn where letters are in your keyboard, and which fingers to use to reach them.

You will find some discrepancy in what internet says; certain letters are just a warzone. Someone says you better type them with this hand/finger or the other. All I can say is that you should see what works best for you and, of course, go for the most logical one. You are learning anyway; it won’t be more comfortable in the beginning.

There are a few links I can hand out, and the rest go for a quick Google search about touchtyping and how to learn it.

Here is something very similar to what I used to do in my early days; it trains your “muscle memory”. You keep typing the same letters over and over and eventually more letters start kicking in. In the end, you know where the letters are on your keyboard!

This is not exciting, but thankfully ages passed by and gamification got us all. So (wild guess!) I am going to suggest some games for learning it in a less boring (but still educational, mind that!) way. Also, the games are good for practice, but you’re supposed to know where to put your fingers on the keyboard already.

That said, if you-re into zombies you can play “ typing of the Dead: OVERKILL” to train AND have fun at the same time! (Here you can find the Overkill collection)

Speaking of online, free games, there is this one: – you are a spaceship and you have to destroy your enemies. You can choose the words you want to complete, but until you finish that word you cannot change to another one. I recorded a quick demonstrative video of the first levels (I used Jing for it). At the end of the last level, I stop playing for a while and you can see an orange letter close to the bigger spaceship: means that I have to finish typing it before going on with the rest. Pretty awesome uhu? Good luck!

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And there is “Cooldog teaches typeing“, one of my absolute faves! Not going to introduce this one, though. You really have to experience it by yourself. Cooldog is one of the best things ever happened on Earth (or, at least ;D)

If you have any advice or good games to suggest me, please let me know. I am always up for a good typing game :)