I have always had a thing for mechanical keyboards. The sound, the finish, the different switches. The overall feeling. All the fetishes behind such a majestic keyboard.

The one I currently use is a blank DAS Keyboard (Ultimate). I went for blue switches, because I just love the feeling and the sound. However, though, I use it at home only; such a noisy keyboard would annoy people at the office and I would most probably be invited to go sit in the garden.

It might sound like a good deal, but I am in the Netherlands, not in some tropical island; this means that, at any time, your chances it is raining are really, really high. I’ll just stick inside.

I love this keyboard. It means a lot to me, it was an unexpected, perfectly nailed present and I loved it from day one. Plus it looks incredibly cool. I love the all-black metallic look’n’feel and, while I do have some adorable marshmallow keycaps to replace these with, I don’t think I ever will. The darkness is strong with this one. I am saving the keycaps for the next keyboard :)


The most recurring question about it, when people see it, is “where are the letters? Is it like that? How can you write?”. Well, I am trained. In my past, I even used to attend some sort of typing championships (incredible those things exist, right? Yet they do). With some exercise, everyone can train and learn to type without looking at their hands.

The only troubles I experience happen when switching keyboard layout.

I am trained to use the IT layout, which comprehends accent marks above certain characters (i.e.: à è ì ò ù) directly on the keyboards. When switching to the US layout, though, I need to setup the dead keys so I can type ” ‘+ i ” and get “í”. Plus, all the right side of the layout is kinda scrambled and sometimes, when I do not use one of the two layouts for long enough, frustration kicks in because I forget where symbols are.

Not a big deal; it takes a bit of typing and all is well again. I definitely should stick with the US layout, but I am somehow attached to IT and I don’t want to completely forget it. It makes no sense, I know… call it affection :)