Merry Go Round

I have always loved merry go rounds. They are kinda a fetish since I am a child, together with a bunch of other odd items I am aesthetically attached to for no reason :D

I bet it’s time for a round of new pictures coming…?

This is by Wasabi Photography :)

Having a job (I cherish) allows me to shoot only for the projects I care for, or for people I artistically love.

I have been slowing down my modeling work a whole lot during the latest 5 years. Health issues, personal problems, choices, priorities, moving apartments-cities-countries have been part of all this.

But yeah, there are still some ideas and portraits I’d like to become real before finally quitting. For the sake of what I like to do, and always liked to do.

Modeling is like acting. You do not need to be pretty, you do not need to show off. You just need to convey a message, or to fit into the bigger picture with harmony. You need to be both the lead and the mannequin, and only with a good sparring partner (photographer) you can get good results.

For doing so, it takes some time to learn how to pose, some years to practice. You need to know all the in and outs of what you are doing before you get pro at what you are doing. You need to know your (sub)genre pretty well: not necessarily be part of it, but at least be ideally there when you are shooting.

Sometimes you make it and sometimes you don’t. Never stop trying if it’s what you want to do, and do not be competitive, it leads nowhere in the alt scene. Effort and sacrifice are a thing, fighting people in order to be the last one standing is another thing. All the models are different, all are unique, and all fit some sort of project.

Do not waste your time after so-called-togs that are just after some naked body and will make you feel like you have to lower your value, or that you are just another one in the sea of available girls. Instead, improve your skills and try to reach new highs.

Work with as many people as possible, yet not with everyone. Pick from their portfolios. Improve yours.

Don’t be afraid of traveling, but always be safe. <3