After around 16 hours (not rushing), I was done with Night in the Woods. And since I was still in full play mode when I (unexpectedly) finished it, I simply restarted a new game. More achievements have to be achieved and there are couple of things I left behind!

I already told a little story about how I got this game – so it is time for a very small review.

The game is brilliant. The main character is Mae, a cat who comes back home after some time away in college. During the game, you learn a lot about Mae and her story.

She got a crew, but her best pal is no doubt Gregg, whom she commits crimes with (this is a citation). I liked the art of the game and the story. Never boring, full of mini-games. The story itself is great and you get slowly introduced to all of the characters, not only the primary ones. You are engaging social life, making decisions, trying to find your way in your old village and old life after something happened and after you have been away for long.

I did play several games in my life, but I got particularly attached to Mae. I can say it’s the very first time I kinda felt bonded to a main character. Is this good game design, cats or crimes? We’ll never know, eventho the game design is superb.

And I never stumbled upon any bug so developers: you did a good job.

Anything I might say more could lead to spoilers, and I seriously want everybody to enjoy this game at its fullest. Just go ahead and grab a copy, take it slowly, enjoy every part of it. Get to know everybody, everything happening around you.

This game deserves it.