I was going through a difficult time. It was during one late evening, after one of those really bad days, that I checked my inbox and found the following email:

– – –
subject: You’ve received a gift copy of the game Night in the Woods on Steam
body: Dear Sweet Delilah,
Distraction. With love :)
Over n’ Out,

– – –
I admit I burst-ed into tears when I read the message and realized. For who’s not aware of how Steam works, the emails means that I got a gift-game from a friend.

Won’t make names now, but I really have to say that a very few people in my life connected to me so well. He knows I was/am going through some difficult times, and he knew that was a very, very bad day for me. You can’t always be physically there to help your friends coping. In a way, he did. Every time I starts the game, he is kinda sitting next to me while playing.

This present was completely unexpected. I was keeping an eye on that game, but it’s only when I started playing it, a few days later, that I could appreciate it in a whole. Will most probably write a review as soon as I’m done with it: 9 hours already and no rushing. This is just a celebratory post about friendship. About how strange relationships are, and about how someone that you meet at some point in your life can grow up to be your best friend.

I am slowly getting over it. I know that there are people out there that care about how I feel, and this is magical. There are people sharing my daily, private adventures with me. Some that experience from a third-party point of view the same roller-coaster I’m in because I am brave enough to talk about how I feel, to exchange opinions, to grow a bit after every discussion.

They do not always tell me what I want to hear; at all. Sometimes their questions are rude, sometimes it is not pleasant. All of the times, though, there is awareness and care. They share advices, ideas, points of view I never thought about before. This is what makes talking to other people an important thing to do. You need to broaden your mind and this is the only way it could be done; go out there and talk to people you know and are important to you or even to people you do not know, and just chat around. And always smile, if you can, as it does good to you and others.

If you do not, you lock yourself into your own head. You are not free to think. You get delusional, have no comparison chance, can’t just grow, can’t be as interesting. Can’t see things clearly, can’t reason, can’t “judge” – not even your own situation. Social relationships are difficult. You live in an altered reality. Being a human is difficult. But we are made to discuss over stuff and learn, not rely on others for our own choices because at some point we must develop a personality, but always be up to hear what the rest of the world might have thought while you didn’t. You can always learn from others, no matter their role in society, no matter you like them or not.

“And iz not my fault I’m a total trashfire”