While digging into tons of old data, I stumbled upon couple of old images, dated 2004, by Belgian photographer Raymond Janssen. This was one of my first “pro” shoots, with a proper studio, lights, other models, etc. Before, I only had funny and amateur outdoor/location experiences, mostly with friends of mine (or friends of friends, […]

I admit, I am terrible with blogging. While I would like to be more constant and post about stuff that happens, I also keep thinking that most things are not very important (so I keep track of them on my instagram, for instance). Or maybe, they are too close to private life and I do not want […]

Ohhh. This website, with a registered domain name (as it existed before under a free service) turned 11 a few days ago.

A journey lasted at least eleven years: can’t avoid looking back and think how things changed. The most amazing part of it all is that some people started to follow my adventures back then and they are still here. Thank you!

I used to rarely speak my mind about certain topics for a number of reasons. First: I don’t want to be involved in endless arguments all over the internet. I know the internet, I’ve been around long enough. Second: I might, due to circumstances, have felt it inappropriate (such as when a tragedy happens and everyone […]

After its official presentation at RETROFUTURO // Independent Game Culture Festival in Milano past week, “Nati(vi) Videoludici” is out. This little book is all about memories, stories, interviews about people and videogames.

I am honored to be part of the book with my little story.

(…) We were talking about private stuff when he brought up the discussion. Self esteem.

I am concerned with that and I deeply know about the girls self esteem issues. It does not apply to everyone, nor in every case. It might not happen for years and then you sit there and wonder if your behaviour is a case of low self esteem. (…)

Another year has passed by.

I remember back then. It was 2000, everyone was excited for the new year to come, with so many 0’s. “The new millennium!”. So many people founded (or renamed) companies with the “2000” in it… including my uncle. My granddad prepared a “Best wishes! Welcome 2000” fairylight stuff as decoration. So much hype. Fun times.

At that time, I tried (…)

Happy festive season! I hope you are enjoying this time of the year :)

As 2016 is approaching, here is a calendar in which I’m in (together with other 11 girls) made by Giada Delmiglio. My month is November: my favourite one!

I truly like the theme of the calendar. Every girl is portrayed in a urban background, holding a balloon. And here’s the story: balloons are dreams. Dreams that are hidden to everyone, and kept on the bottom of the heart waiting for “the right moment”.

But then again… will the girls be brave enough to finally release their balloons, and let their dreams come true? (…)

These days are running fast. I am not posting often because I do not have internet at home yet (nor I will until mid-november apparently). Also, I am 100% committed to my duties at work and setting up the apartment. In case you missed the previous entry, I moved. So everything is new and shiny and […]

Long time no posting. There is a reason though; sit down and grab a warm cup of tea. This post will be quite long, even if I will try to make it shorter :)

These latest months have been really busy. So many things to do, much backlog and, on top of that, I wasn’t happy with the general situation.
So, in short, I decided to be brave and gave it a try on a new life. You know, “follow your dreams” and that kind of stuff. (…)