I have always loved merry go rounds. They are kinda a fetish since I am a child, together with a bunch of other odd items I am aesthetically attached to for no reason :D

I bet it’s time for a round of new pictures coming…?

I recently embarked on a difficult journey: after some particularly hard times, I decided to fight back and find myself again.

Of course, this does not happen without any burden, delusion, more hard times. It is not easy. But learning about yourself, doing stuff you like, doing stuff you never did, accomplishing things… is rewarding on so many levels.

I decided to keep some thoughts and notes about my experience and to share with the internet. All of these […]

Couple days left and I’m coming back. Or is it leaving again? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

These latest months and these days home have been very productive on a personal side. Took my steps into knowing myself even better, isolating some things I don’t like and want to change and/or improve. Challenged myself a lot, so much that sometimes is exhausting.

I always wear a ring that, due to its special shape, often grabs people’s attention and interest. They ask me where I got it from, how it is so detailed, if it has a meaning, etc. Some jewels are just decorative; you like them because they are beautiful and they become an embellishment for you. […]

When I was a child, my grandmother (whose name is Mary) used to tell me a special story about her childhood. She is not one who tells stories, but this one is no doubt special to her. And after all those years, to me too.

The real story begins when some Russians entered the small village, looking for a shelter. They found a place to stay at my grandma’s, who (as curious as a child can be) was very happy to have them there.

After around 16 hours (not rushing), I was done with Night in the Woods.

And since I was still in full play mode when I (unexpectedly) finished it, I simply restarted a new game.

More achievements have to be achieved and there are couple of things I left behind! […]

“Domani inventerò” is the Italian title of one of my favorite books. When I feel sad I look at these inspiring pages and I find my way through poetry and fairytale images. I sit down and open the book. The images are beautiful and kinda peaceful, the words are soothing. It’s a little journey made of […]

I was going through a difficult time. It was during one late evening, after one of those really bad days, that I checked my inbox and found the following email (…).

Will most probably write a review as soon as I’m done with it: 9 hours already and no rushing. This is just a celebratory post about friendship. About how strange relationships are, and about how someone that you meet at some point in your life can grow up to be your best friend. […]

Sometimes, out of the blue, you just meet some people that inspire you. Those people whose charisma is palpable and that inject some new energy in you, just by “being themselves”.

I was going through a bit of a difficult time. You know, those moments in life in which you ask yourself some questions and can’t get to an answer. It was during those days that I had the chance to talk to her.

I did see her already around our office floor. Impossible not to like her and notice the fierce look and the confidence. But it has been during a girls-only dinner, organised by our Company, that she said couple of things that I am going to write here as well. We were talking about […]