There are a few designers I truly love, and one of them is no doubt Chyvonne Le Monnier.

Chyvonne makes outfits for everyday’s life, but they do not blend in anonimously. The quality is always very high, the prints do not peel off, the research is dope, the symbols drive you towards empowerment and confidence, the craft is ethical and the care is all over the place.


The best bit is that this hoodie is extra long, so you also can wear it like a dress. I always use shorts to fit my style or pitch black leggings. Otherwise, regular trousers work very well too because it looks cool. Plus, a hoodie in the Netherlands comes very handy :D

Christmas and present-time-of-the-year are approaching and my suggestion always goes for small business and handmade. Today, I advise you Chyvonne Le Monnier.

Have a look at the website and get the stuff you like: the pieces are limited so first come, first served! :D