I always wear a ring that, due to its special shape, often grabs people’s attention and interest. They ask me where I got it from, how it is so detailed, if it has a meaning, etc.

Some jewels are just decorative; you like them because they are beautiful and they become an embellishment for you. Some have a story. It’s a bit like tattoos; not everyone gets stuff done because there is a special meaning behind it, however sometimes you hear amazing stories connected to that ink.

Indeed this ring has a story, and a special meaning. It represents what I am, what I want to keep being, minding a constant evolution. I gifted it to myself during one of my time of change, approximately 4 years ago, and rarely took it off ever since.

This ring froze a moment in time. It’s what I was, it was the poetry, the fairytale. The courage, the adventure. It was me losing very important people in my life, including one of those farewells you can hardly accept (involving death), which was very hard for me.
Then, the end of what I thought to be my forever love, the beginning of something new and comfortably known at the same time that made me happy and full of magic.

There is a raven claw holding my finger and never letting me go unless I take it off, way more faithful than any lover I’ve ever had.

You can see it as the comfortable sound of rain when you are in your bed. It’s a bag full of dreams, it’s a colorful ribbon tied somewhere in the streets of a grey city, it’s the stars and the shapes of the clouds. The happiness and the fear of what’s to come, and full acceptance of it. It’s all the good things.

Wearing this ring reminds me of all this. I never want to lose my ability to dream, and fight, and see all the good things. I want to be forever able to see the world like a children does, to believe in the magic of things, to make it happen.

At the time, I also gifted an exact copy of this ring (both are custom made) to what I considered my soulmate and best friend. Everybody thought it was a couple ring, one of those “break this heart in half and wear the other half” things, but it was not. Of course during the years it enriched its meaning, as one tends to enclose memories and symbolically attach them to such an object.

Together, they are affinity. Alone, they fully represent the wearer. Two people alike, as the rings look the same, that do not complete each other though, as they do not combine into one. Because every one is a personality on their own, together they create something new yet nobody merges into each other losing their traits. The support is dual. My point at least.

You should endlessly hold hands like this ring does to you. Despite the cold and the warm it stays there, or the scuff marks you get because of the claws. They will heal. Be strong, be there, don’t let it go.

I love fairytales. I love words, in any form, either written or spoken. I have a fetish for interesting things people say, for the magic in all the things.

This ring is magic to me. I did not say everything about it, some things are kept in my heart and are very personal. I have more dreams now, more hopes, and maybe more rings when time will come. After all, another cycle in my life has come to an end, and I just need to pick what’s worth to stay with me for the next spin. Not everything, nor everybody, can go through this kind of selection: it at least has to be special.

If you want a ring like this, contact Skeletos (direct link to this ring). They made it, and it’s a cast from a real raven claw and their service is excellent. They also made the necklace I am wearing in the very first picture of this post. Oh, and did I mention I love crows?

Photo by Cunene