I’ve been thinking about how you can tweak “stay true to yourself” in a way that blocks you instead of helping you develop. And believe me, it is possible.

By searching on the internet, one of the definitions is: “behaving according to your beliefs and doing what you think is right”. Point, is, however, that it is not enough. You don’t just walk your way like a bulldozer. You have to take the time to think, be brave, and discuss everything you believe into and doubt about what you think it is right.

Multiple times during your life.

You got to accept that maybe that specific belief you had is not right. It is unfair. It is wrong. Whatever you pick. Changing it for good it’s maturity, it’s growing up, it’s not “not being true to yourself”. You just reached a new level, you are not stepping back. You are actually leaping forward.

Because even if we stay true to ourselves, that does not mean we are doing the right thing. That is why we need to stop, think, listen to people to broaden our view of the world and its happenings Р and then decide by ourselves what we want to be.

It is too easy to hide behind a “stay true to yourself” and keep doing what the heck you want. It is too easy to keep doing what you do because you never did anything else and you are scared of change.

Of course we are scared. We all are. And it is okay. It is not wrong, it is normal. We are humans, learning every day how to live our life.

Jumping into the void is not for everyone. Most of the times we have no clue what we are doing, most of the times we just HOPE we do the right thing according to what we believe it is right.

But we always have to stop and ask ourselves what we are doing. Why do we, for instance, run away from stuff. Embrace what we perceive as “weakness” and keep being YOURSELF, with added wisdom, richness, and love.

Good luck!