A big obstacle we encounter towards the discovery of our personality is fear. In order to know what we like we need to explore, in order to pursue our dreams and  what we like we need to choose some things over others.

I always get questioned about my habits and what I like as some things do not conform to “standards” people expect. They do not know how to react to the fact you (I) do not drink alcohol, do not do drugs, do not eat meat (I am vegetarian, and the reason I am should not bother anybody).

For the uneducated, you are just a party pooper. People keep thinking they should put “extra care” if you are involved, just because they have no idea how to manage things.

Just act like I had some kind of allergy and boom, acceptance increases. Why do people accept a allergy (forced dietary choices) more than my own choices? Is my will, is what I believe worth less?

These mechanisms make us doubt about ourselves, make us feel alone, so instead of picking the right people for us, we do everything to get picked by literally anybody.

I am so glad to be a “weirdo” in a world of sheep, who need to adapt to all kinds of tricks for social acceptance. And I am not alone.

Do not adapt for survival. LIVE. We get to live only once and as cliché as it sounds, we need to get rid of some of our own limitations to put ourselves in comfort. Have fun, do beautiful things, face the hard moments as well, fight for good and keep being yourself. Surround yourself by what you like, by people you like and like you back.

Or have “that feeling” forever and struggle to get an imaginary happiness, your choice.