I recently embarked on a difficult journey: after some particularly hard times, I decided to fight back and find myself again.

Of course, this does not happen without any burden, delusion, more hard times. It is not easy. But learning about yourself, doing stuff you like, doing stuff you never did, accomplishing things… is rewarding on so many levels.

I decided to keep some thoughts and notes about my experience and to share with the internet. All of these posts about my journey through this jungle will be prefixed by SPDD (Self/Personal Development Diaries). Wanted to use PDD but it’s an acronym related to something else, and I couldn’t think of a better prefix for the time being not to confuse people too much.

I think that sharing my view might be useful to someone going through some weird times, or might just be food for thought for the rest of us. How many times an article we found online made us think and reconsider what we were doing, just because it was another point of view on the same matter, or the same thing by a different angle/perspective?

I used to post these thoughts on instagram only, however I am keeping track of the most meaningful ones on my website as well.

I hope it will help. Good luck <3