SPDD: Stay true!

A friend of mine reminded me today to be strong and stay true to myself. I know it, but you gotta hear it from time to time.

If I look back, just a few months ago, I realize I walked a long road. I’m not done yet but I am proud of myself.

I keep walking on my path, growing, thinking, balancing myself, letting things go. People come, people go.
Some of them are disappointing, some are amazing. I will not forget who held my hand when I was feeling bad. I will not forget who slapped it and left me alone.

Motivate yourself and do a little for you every day. You will do more when you feel better, but start with a little more than nothing. Do it even if it does not seem enough, even if it does not feel worth it. It won’t be easy at first.


Give yourself plenty of time: you’re planting seeds.