SPDD: The sacred space

I found a place, and that sacred space is myself.


(Photo by Minu in Wonderland)

It took months to look around and see all the worth. I know what I am looking for at this right moment, and I know life is an endless story of ups and downs, and that happiness is not related to our downs if we work on the right pillars.

Sometimes we do not know what “we want”, and we feel lost. Remember: there always is a different perspective. So, instead of focusing on what we want and trying to imagine something, let’s start building from what we “do not want”.

A very few of us immediately know what they are looking for in life. We all have dreams, and most of the times they are echoes of what we heard it should be like, or unrealistic expectations (thanks to movies, books, culture).

We are not always ready for delusions, pain, disappointment. However, by accepting them, we unveil a side of us that we did not know, we learn to deal with situations we do not like (because, you know, you can’t simply pick good things only in life). We are warriors and we fight, with love, our way through life.

You know what this does remind me? Patanjali, Book 1, Sutra 14. This is one of my favourite Yoga Sutras, and it says:

(Image source: this beautiful article that explains the sutra 14 very well, thanks Atma)

What does it say? Atma does explain it very well in the above-linked article (here is the link again), let me introduce it quickly tho:

“Practice only becomes firmly established when it has been executed with great attention and without interruption over a long period of time”

It means that you need to practice (do something) for long time, without interruption, with great care and devotion, and the more you do it, the more you perfection it.

By doing it, you discover yourself, because you are not aiming at some kind of result, you are aiming at what the practice does to you. It’s an endless journey. It’s not about the hypothetical result: the result is what we perceive as a change in ourselves, and will never end.

Such is life: every day you start all over. You do the same things, you make them perfect, in a way: it is learning. You can always perfection it. You become better by doing what you do with love, devotion, interest. You do not care about other people’s comments, but you keep practicing.

Good habits are harder to pick than bad habits, but they make your life way better.

Similarly, there will be times in which you will fall, because you were not ready. Accept that you were not ready. Don’t think we are ready for everything, don’t think there is some kind of a fairy world: build your little world by yourself, but don’t take it for granted nor detach from reality. When you stumble upon an obstacle, make it work, try again, until you stand up again.

Afterall, as they say, “practice makes it perfect”, right? Good luck!