I admit, I am terrible with blogging.

While I would like to be more constant and post about stuff that happens, I also keep thinking that most things are not very important (so I keep track of them on my instagram, for instance). Or maybe, they are too close to private life and I do not want to share. However, I got (righteously) bugged for a while about a small personal update, so here I am.

Past month I visited Edelman Photography‘s Head Quarters for a quick shoot. Marco is a half-Italian half-Dutch photographer and we had some fun in speaking couple of different languages. I admit it felt a bit weird to speak Italian to someone but he got the ball rolling! That is how it works with languages you don’t often practice! And I think it is awesome having the chance to chitchat a bit, helps you keeping up with the exercise :)

He also is passionate about videogames and owns three cats, so hey – I did not miss the chance to cuddle the furry little things in between a light test and makeup :D

Here are couple of pictures from that day; hopefully more will come, but I simply love these. Thanks Marco! :D

In case you like the outfits and wonder where to get them: both are by KILLSTAR