The voice of Super Mario

While browsing the internet I stumbled upon this amazing video-story by the Great Big Story website.

The video introduces Charles Martinet, the voice actor who dubs SuperMario. I’ve always liked the cheery “who-hoo”, the “yahaa!” and all those pretty sounds, that still remind me of my childhood.

Also, turns out he voiced Luigi, Wario and even Donkey Kong!

At that point, I did some more research because I was curious. I found many other video interviews, like this one at GamesCom 2011 by GamerSpawn. This video is a bit longer and very enjoyable, so it’s cool to watch as well! Twice the story means twice the funny voices :)

The interview has an interesting closing sentence: “follow your heart” and he gives some sweet, motivational advice at the end about life and work: do what you love, and what makes you happy.