I am totally in love with this pink wig by Black Candy Alternative Fashion ♥ Photography: Teacup Imagery Labs :) I had much fun for this shoot. I took care of the makeup and wig styling myself, and wanted some different images. If you like this style, you can shop this wig HERE! I like to play with […]

One of the most tender memories about my childhood is my dad’s first technology present. I still wonder how it happened – how the idea popped into his mind. Yet one day he came back home from work with a box for my brother and I, for no particular reason. We opened it and the […]

A small update-post! I am currently working on some new projects. After a long hiatus, I restarted drawing: I did blow the dust off the tablet, grabbed the pen and tried to sketch something. So glad I did :) In conjunction with the re-discovered fun, I decided it was about time to finally learn how to use […]

I got inspired by this awesome article about gender diversity and wanted to share it.  The article is titled “Coding Like a Girl” and was originally given as a talk at AlterConf in Oakland. “This talk only addresses gender diversity and was given in the context of other talks addressing racism, disability, classism, and many […]

Here’s a small egg-free muffin recipe! Makes 12 and they’re incredibly soft and tasty :) Ingredients: 250gr flour (I used 00 flour) 120gr sugar chopped chocolate (abundance!) 25gr unsweetened cocoa powder (it adds colour to your muffins!) 85 gr coconut oil (it’s solid, so I just weighted it. Does not taste like coconut.) 250ml milk (either soy, […]

I’ve followed the work of Erresullaluna and Chuli Paquin since I first stumbled upon their instagram accounts. I loved their style and enjoyed their work together. I have been very surprised (and needless to say, excited) when Chuli contacted me asking whether I wanted to be part of their exhibition. Of course. Truth is, I am […]

Cristina Storti Gajani is one of those multi-talented artists, one of those you may not know about until you stumble upon her drawings, because the internet is wide and not everyone is blessed with that blow of luck that makes your work very well known, even if deserved. But once you cross her path, you […]

I definitely got lured by the fantastic visual arts of Oquonie and wanted to give it a try. Those amazing images, that “handmade drawings” feeling turned this game into a work of art. A whole isometric dreamy world and a puzzle adventure that has been a real surprise. It’s not easy to stumble upon this game if you don’t know about it […]