These days are running fast. I am not posting often because I do not have internet at home yet (nor I will until mid-november apparently). Also, I am 100% committed to my duties at work and setting up the apartment. In case you missed the previous entry, I moved. So everything is new and shiny and […]

Long time no posting. There is a reason though; sit down and grab a warm cup of tea. This post will be quite long, even if I will try to make it shorter :)

These latest months have been really busy. So many things to do, much backlog and, on top of that, I wasn’t happy with the general situation.
So, in short, I decided to be brave and gave it a try on a new life. You know, “follow your dreams” and that kind of stuff. (…)

Yesterday (Aug, 25th) was my birthday. I do not really celebrate it that much for a bunch of reasons, however I have to say this year ithe event marked a completely fresh, new start for me.

It is, more or less, like the New Year’s Eve resolution stuff. You sit there and make lists for good. Or Monday’s diet. In this case, a birthday is a good chance to sit down and review your year, your expectations, your accomplishments :)

I also got …

So it all started when, at the office, we decided to automate a long, boring and tedious activity: the making (and testing) of various packages. We’re still in the process of setting things up and the weapon of choice is TeamCity (a continuous integration system). Roughly, it works this way: you set up a server of choice, […]

There are many things that inspire me. From the sound of mechanical keyboards when I type to spring smells – and the breeze. Among all these, there are words.

I like to read, it’s no surprising news. I read thousands of stories, books, anything really. And sometimes, something happens: just like today.

I was sitting down, during work, and clear it appeared in front of my eyes a verse. And then another one. And then the whole page appeared in front of my eyes, so vivid I could read it.

I speak about books, I better talk about this one. This weird writing I stumbled upon during my internet errands some years ago.