I’ve followed the work of Erresullaluna and Chuli Paquin since I first stumbled upon their instagram accounts. I loved their style and enjoyed their work together. I have been very surprised (and needless to say, excited) when Chuli contacted me asking whether I wanted to be part of their exhibition. Of course. Truth is, I am […]

Cristina Storti Gajani is one of those multi-talented artists, one of those you may not know about until you stumble upon her drawings, because the internet is wide and not everyone is blessed with that blow of luck that makes your work very well known, even if deserved. But once you cross her path, you […]

I definitely got lured by the fantastic visual arts of Oquonie and wanted to give it a try. Those amazing images, that “handmade drawings” feeling turned this game into a work of art. A whole isometric dreamy world and a puzzle adventure that has been a real surprise. It’s not easy to stumble upon this game if you don’t know about it […]

As many people already know (well, the ones that read my interviews and posts), I am an accustomed listener of chiptunes, in their finest form. I finally managed to attend one of the 8bit scene events organized by Kenobit  and arottenbit: Milano Chiptune Underground #01. “A chiptune, also known as chip music or 8-bit music, […]

The 2015 calendar by Giada Delmiglio has been print and bound. The calendar features a different model for each month of the year. I am the month of December :) Here’s a preview: More news? Of course. I posted an event report about Playing The Game: Outré Videogames and if you want to meet me in […]

Collaborations happen when models and photographers (and any third party involved, such as stylists, makeup artists etc) team up and dedicate some of their own time and resources to the creation of a common project. No pay is involved and extra costs are shared between the team. The images can’t be sold unless there is a […]

Thank you Cunene photography for this unexpected gift! Here we are, Catherine Poulain and I, on the latest issue of Miroir Magazine. There are many other pictures, many beautiful models. Grab your copy if you can as it’s a work of art <3 or just peruse the magazine digitally here :)      My page […]

Playing The Game: Outré Videogames has been hosted by La Santeria, in Milan (Italy), for the second time in a row. Honestly, I was quite worry about this event: no news on the web and, after noticing they made an appearance during the summer, I assumed they were not going to make another one during […]

I’ve been sitting here wondering what to write for couple days. I do not currently have a backlog of emergency posts, and I really really wanted to post something during these days. However, the blank-page-panic got me and the small writer inside my head refused to cooperate. In the end, I thought about making you […]

Christmas is approaching and the quest for the perfect gift does, sometimes, suck you into the black dimensional hole of internet, enjoying the fantastic world of meme gadgets. This is what happened to me not long ago. A small note: needless to say, I found a lot of products that were either out of stock […]