I remember the first time I found out about “The Binding of Isaac” game’s existence. I loved the story, I loved the character, let alone the artwork.

However, the game itself was too “strong” for me. You know you are very sensitive when you feel bad about shooting monsters that are crying and running away from you. It’s a challenge, because usually monsters are enemies. It is easier to get rid of them that way.

A big obstacle we encounter towards the discovery of our personality is fear. In order to know what we like we need to explore, in order to pursue our dreams and  what we like we need to choose some things over others.

I always get questioned about my habits and what I like as some things do not conform to “standards” people expect. They do not know how to react to the fact you […]

I’ve been thinking about how you can tweak “stay true to yourself” in a way that blocks you instead of helping you develop. And believe me, it is possible.

By searching on the internet, one of the definitions is: “behaving according to your beliefs and doing what you think is right”. Point, is, however, that it is not enough. You don’t just walk your way like a bulldozer. You have to take the time to think, be brave, and discuss everything you believe into and doubt about what you think it is right.

Multiple times during your life.

A friend of mine reminded me today to be strong and stay true to myself. I know it, but you gotta hear it from time to time.

If I look back, just a few months ago, I realize I walked a long road. I’m not done yet but I am proud of myself.

I keep walking on my path, growing, thinking, balancing myself, letting things go. People come, people go.

I have always loved merry go rounds. They are kinda a fetish since I am a child, together with a bunch of other odd items I am aesthetically attached to for no reason :D

I bet it’s time for a round of new pictures coming…?

I recently embarked on a difficult journey: after some particularly hard times, I decided to fight back and find myself again.

Of course, this does not happen without any burden, delusion, more hard times. It is not easy. But learning about yourself, doing stuff you like, doing stuff you never did, accomplishing things… is rewarding on so many levels.

I decided to keep some thoughts and notes about my experience and to share with the internet. All of these […]

Couple days left and I’m coming back. Or is it leaving again? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

These latest months and these days home have been very productive on a personal side. Took my steps into knowing myself even better, isolating some things I don’t like and want to change and/or improve. Challenged myself a lot, so much that sometimes is exhausting.

I always wear a ring that, due to its special shape, often grabs people’s attention and interest. They ask me where I got it from, how it is so detailed, if it has a meaning, etc. Some jewels are just decorative; you like them because they are beautiful and they become an embellishment for you. […]