I’ll be attending the German Fetish Ball Weekend in Berlin! Less than one month to go :) I’m so humbled and happy I’ll be walking for VinNoir Latex and MyWitchery, showcasing their amazing creations at the fashion show. Plus, I get to team up with Amigdala and Niky Argento – doesn’t it sound yummy? Let me know […]

Try to do something that makes you happy everyday. Even a small thing, like reading, crafting, eating a cookie, hugging your cat, drinking a tea, looking at the sky, taking care of your plants.

I did something that made me happy: this.

…So I started doing some extra research, by myself. It is an endless discovery. I still feel I am at the tip of the iceberg, and no wonder why. Yoga comes from a different culture, and a different culture has a different take on life than my own. So reading “how to deal” with some things, on how certain things are considered, helps me widen my views and make my mind even more open.

Among all these new things I am learning, there is one that sort of answered a big portion of my questions. It is called “Upeksha”, better translated as “Equanimity”. […]

When I wrote this post, as usual, I asked for feedback on social media. It helps you to get comments on what you are writing, remarks, or inspiration.

In this case, I got a very good feedback: “I think that the real problem you face when you are not happy is that you are not motivated enough to try again, multiple times”.

In fact, my post was a hint to those people who are confused on which direction to go, or just some inspiration to talk about what happiness really is. There are tons of books about the topic, so this is taken pretty lightly here.

The post was aimed to […]

I found a place, and that sacred space is myself.

It took months to look around and see all the worth. I know what I am looking for at this right moment, and I know life is an endless story of ups and downs, and that happiness is not related to our downs if we work on the right pillars.

Sometimes we do not know what “we want”, and we feel lost. Remember: there always is a different perspective. So, instead of focusing on what we want and trying to imagine something, let’s start building from what we “do not want”.

A very few of us immediately know what they are looking for in life. We all […]

I remember the first time I found out about “The Binding of Isaac” game’s existence. I loved the story, I loved the character, let alone the artwork.

However, the game itself was too “strong” for me. You know you are very sensitive when you feel bad about shooting monsters that are crying and running away from you. It’s a challenge, because usually monsters are enemies. It is easier to get rid of them that way.

A big obstacle we encounter towards the discovery of our personality is fear. In order to know what we like we need to explore, in order to pursue our dreams and  what we like we need to choose some things over others.

I always get questioned about my habits and what I like as some things do not conform to “standards” people expect. They do not know how to react to the fact you […]

I’ve been thinking about how you can tweak “stay true to yourself” in a way that blocks you instead of helping you develop. And believe me, it is possible.

By searching on the internet, one of the definitions is: “behaving according to your beliefs and doing what you think is right”. Point, is, however, that it is not enough. You don’t just walk your way like a bulldozer. You have to take the time to think, be brave, and discuss everything you believe into and doubt about what you think it is right.

Multiple times during your life.

A friend of mine reminded me today to be strong and stay true to myself. I know it, but you gotta hear it from time to time.

If I look back, just a few months ago, I realize I walked a long road. I’m not done yet but I am proud of myself.

I keep walking on my path, growing, thinking, balancing myself, letting things go. People come, people go.