I was going through a difficult time. It was during one late evening, after one of those really bad days, that I checked my inbox and found the following email (…).

Will most probably write a review as soon as I’m done with it: 9 hours already and no rushing. This is just a celebratory post about friendship. About how strange relationships are, and about how someone that you meet at some point in your life can grow up to be your best friend. […]

Sometimes, out of the blue, you just meet some people that inspire you. Those people whose charisma is palpable and that inject some new energy in you, just by “being themselves”.

I was going through a bit of a difficult time. You know, those moments in life in which you ask yourself some questions and can’t get to an answer. It was during those days that I had the chance to talk to her.

I did see her already around our office floor. Impossible not to like her and notice the fierce look and the confidence. But it has been during a girls-only dinner, organised by our Company, that she said couple of things that I am going to write here as well. We were talking about […]

A way to monetize through your game is to display ads. They might be in the form of banners and/or rewarding videos.

The latter are a rising trend in the game industry, especially the casual one. A rewarding video is a sponsored video ad the player chooses to watch in exchange for rewards such as an extra life, more moves, extra coins and whatever exchange there might be.

Why are this kind of ads so popular? Why do they perform well?

Because they […]

When I first learnt about typing, I was in high school. We used a specific DOS application, covered our monitors, covered our keyboards (with a sophisticated “tape and A4-sized papers” combo) and our class was, at least at the beginning, all about copying stuff and learning how to touchtype.

We also underwent various tests and got grades for this. Those were called “labs” and while they […]

While browsing the internet I stumbled upon this amazing video-story by the Great Big Story website.

The video introduces Charles Martinet, the voice actor who dubs SuperMario. I’ve always liked the cheery “who-hoo”, the “yahaa!” and all those pretty sounds, that still remind me of my childhood.

Also, turns out he voiced Luigi, Wario and even […]

I know, I know. Time has not come yet. Since the first crowfunding campaign on kickstarter, to date back in May/June 2016, I am eagerly waiting for the moment in which I can hold, test and play with the Wooting One keyboard.

Read more […]

Couple of days ago I started playing a bit, in my spare time, with PICO-8. We’re talking about a “fantasy programmable game console for making, sharing, and playing tiny games and other computer programs (cartridges, or “carts”). The console provides simple built-in tools for creating your own cartridges” and it is made by Lexaloffle Games. PICO-8 uses a subset of the LUA language for programming.

I did’t have much time to […]

I have always had a thing for mechanical keyboards. The sound, the finish, the different switches. The overall feeling. All the fetishes behind such a majestic keyboard.

The one I currently use is a blank DAS Keyboard (Ultimate). I went for blue switches, because I just love the feeling and the sound. However, though, I use it at home only; such a […]

Here is a post about my small role in Bear’s video, which happened the last time I traveled to Italy past October (scroll down for the video).

What is Bear? It’s a beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose. It has been selected and displayed as Editor’s choice in the App Store during its launch and recently awarded as the “App of The Year 2016” by the Apple Store itself (congratulations!!!).

I am very honored to have been asked to be part of this video. I know how much love and care are behind something like Bear: pixel perfect craft and delicious design […]